Primitive Dyed Olive Fire Piston With Gem In Piston Rod (SKU-0566548-1-2-1-5)

Fire Piston Consists of a hollow cylinder ranging in length from about 3 to 6 inches sealed at one end and open at the other. A piston with an airtight circular seal (o-ring) is fitted into the cylinder. The piston has a handle on the end to allow a firm grip to be applied to it, or a large enough surface area to strike it sharply without causing pain while the cylinder is braced against a hard surface, and it can be completely withdrawn from the cylinder. The piston generally has a notch or recess on or in its face, into which a piece char cloth is placed. The compression of the air when the piston is quickly rammed into the cylinder causes the interior temperature to rise sharply to 500°F This is hot enough for the char cloth in the piston face to ignite. The piston is then quickly withdrawn before the now-burning tinder depletes the available oxygen inside the cylinder. The smoldering char cloth can then be removed from the face of the piston and transferred to a larger nest of fine kindling material, such as Jute Twine, Paper Towel, birch shavings, etc. The ember is then fanned or blown upon vigorously to create a flame, at which time various stages of larger kindling can be added until built into a proper fire

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